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The mission of the Aurora Rapid Response Team is to educate, advocate and investigate on behalf of our immigrant and refugee neighbors in the Aurora area.

The Aurora Rapid Response Team was developed in 2018 in response to threats against our immigrant and refugee neighbors by the 45th President and his administration. We are comprised of over 30 community members from all walks of life who share a concern for the welfare of immigrant communities. In order to advance our mission, members have the opportunity to participate in various ways, including:

  • Media Screening: monitors social media, news, allies, and other credible sources for ICE activity and disseminates information to the public;

  • Rapid Response: the boots on the ground who verify ICE activity;

  • Educational Outreach: creates promotional materials to raise awareness about ARRT and disseminates information to the community; and

  • Mutual Aid: organizes, plans, and executes various methods to support immigrant families and communities.


The ARRT works closely with ICIRR as a member organization, numerous rapid response teams, and local organizations to carry out our mission.​

Supporting our communities


We provide education for our community on rights, preparedness, and protecting themselves in the event that immigration authorities threaten their well-being. 

We also educate ourselves and work with other Rapid Response teams to keep up-to-date on immigration issues and best practices.


We advocate for our immigrant and refugee neighbors by providing opportunities for education, sharing information about legislation and current events, and supporting families in the event that immigration authorities threaten their well-being.


We investigate reports of ICE in the community to verify threats and provide accurate information so that our immigrant and refugee neighbors can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families.




Our team is here to support you through your pursuit of the dream. You can call on us for welcoming resources. Sometimes, we will need to take some time to gather information but we will always be here to uplift you -- during the current political climate and beyond. If you are undocumented, please be unafraid.



Disclaimer: We are a team of volunteers, not legal experts. Our response times will vary between 24 to 72 hours. We appreciate your patience with us and your interest in our work!


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Thank you for taking part in our community!

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